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Creating Sales Success From The Inside Out

Inner Winner Coach - Creating Sales Success From The Inside Out

What Is The Art Of selling?

StandingOutWhen we mention the “art” of anything, what exactly are we referring to? Is this some magical element that is immeasurable, unattainable, or only possessed by the few?

The answer to what the Art of sales is, lies within all of us. It’s the “human touch” or “human value” that we add to anything. Whether its the chef who adds the “love” into a dish served just for you, or the auto mechanic who didn’t just fix your brakes, but also checked all your fluids, and tightened a few loose bolts he found while he had your car up on the rack.

In sales, it can be a lot more complex and harder to see sometimes, but it is still the “art” of selling. From the effort you put into ensuring your client understands your proposed solution, to the intricate details that you include in the discovery so the client can see their shortcoming. Or even something as simple as the dedicated after hours time you put in to ensure you know your marketplace better than most. These are all smaller acts of the “art” in selling.

Or as Seth Godin points out in one of his interviews, It could be the insurance salesman that after carefully hearing a client discuss their needs, he says, I know the perfect insurance for that, but its offered down the street by this other agent, here, let me walk you down and introduce you to him.

The “art” of selling is things that aren’t in the rule book. Things that don’t make policy sense, or practiced by the average professional but have the highest possible value in the actual transaction. When you think about “art” of selling, unfortunately, due to the track record of “artful” selling, that human touch in the past has always been formed with “self-interest” in mind.

Today’s consumer is so much smarter, more aptly prepared and ready for the average sales person. What they’re not ready for, is the “art” or human touch which is applied by someone genuinely willing to give that little something extra in the sales process.

Whether you already incorporate some things or not, make a conscious effort in your next 10 sales challenges, to go out of your way and create some “art” in your selling structure.

You’ll find the rhythm, energy and results to be a lot more positive than you have previously experienced. When you get right down to it, there is a rule book on the value of relationship, however, unfortunately there isn’t a lot that genuinely know how to apply it. If you want to differentiate yourself, try putting the “art” back into your sales.

How The Worst Became The Best

Shaking Hands with Coach  It’s a typical Friday afternoon, and one salesman is shaking his head at the sales board. His name, dead last…. AGAIN! He was REALLY counting on those 5 deals he had. He just KNEW they were going to close! In fact, he had dreamed about them, thought about them and even turned his focus away from everything else, and solely concentrated on these deals, just to make sure they ended up in the win column…..

   In the end, only 2 came through. Bob’s been asked to stop by the office this morning. Yeah, he knows. He’s already made sure all his possessions are in one secure place, already secured the box that will fit all his belongings, and now comes that moment…

  He walks down the hall and from the corner of his eye, he sees the rest of his peers staring at him passing. It’s like dead man walking. the 50 yards to the manager’s office is like 5 miles, and the intensity in the room almost requires him to swim through it just to reach the door.

  Once inside Bob is shocked to meet the sales manager with another person standing there. In his mind he asks, who is this person? The manager greets Bob and introduces him to Sandra, the sales coach they recently hired.

  Bob’s thoughts were completely caught off guard and as he took a seat he looked very puzzled at the smile on Sandra’s face. Why is she smiling like that, and why did the sales manager invite her? Sandra started by an introduction, her success with her own sales career, and then the countless changes she was able to bring to sales reps just like Bob. She told a story of a woman staring at a sales board, in dead last, AGAIN! How her fate was changed that day and the steps of knowledge which made that change.

  Sandra embarrassingly admitted that she was so frustrated that even after she had to leave the company she kept her user name and password for the company CRM, contacted her good friend in IT and asked him if he would allow her access to the total sales database for the sole purpose of comparing herself to others, so that she could find out what she did wrong and be ready for her next position.

  Although way out of policy, her good friend knew Sandra was a person of pure integrity and that she would never do anything other than what she had said. He agreed, and she was then able to see the records of every sales person.

  When she compared her efforts to all the other reps, she noted 3 very important critical differences between herself, and the “successful” reps. There was only about a 10% higher closing ratio, about a 10% higher profit margin, and about triple the activity with continued prospecting.

  What she realized immediately was this. What you put “into” something has an equal and direct effect on what comes out. Sandra told Bob, I’m not saying your efforts are lower, or that you’re not doing as good of a job as they are, but I want you to think about your “state” of mind, and your inner thoughts as you work deals….

  If you’re “nervous” and “desperate” and “cling” to things, that’s called insecure energies. Right? Bob agreed. Bob, what you’re sewing into your deals that you find is nervous energies.  Secondly, instead of applying your hard energy to multiple deals which covers your spread of percentages, you have instead chosen to confine all your energies into just 5 deals, “defying” the laws of percentages. And last Bob, is the reason you do all these things. It’s your “mindset” about your job, your product, your company, and most importantly, yourself. You do this because you don’t fully “trust” in that which you deliver.

  Bob sat there in total shock. His mind racing and his thoughts rapidly tracing over his past efforts and feelings about his position. Without even one word he simply rose from his seat and with a smile on his face, he shook Sandra’s hand and said.. I got it..

  It’s a typical Friday afternoon, and one salesman is shaking his head at the sales board. His name, first on the board…. AGAIN! He’s a new man, and his name is Bob! Sales have turned from a nightmare job into a pleasure helping clients secure the needed solutions he provides. He quickly thinks back a year ago when his life was totally opposite and realizes that mindset is one of the most powerful things you can change. For in it, the world changes too.

Selling Is Something You Do “FOR” Someone, Not “TO” Someone – And Coaching Works The Same Way

Happy ClientAbout a month or two ago I had the great pleasure of going to Dallas, TX and seeing David Neagle’s “Break Free” Seminar which is an annual event he does. If you’re not learning, you’re not growing! It was a very informative and well  thought out seminar! One of the best I’ve been to in a while. If you get the chance to see David, GO! Don’t think about it, just go. It’s worth every penny!

Besides the several epiphanies and revelations I gained during my 3 day experience there, I also had one resonating comment that applied directly to all sales people. And it came when David was talking about the principles of successful sales. He said, and I quote “Sales is not something you do “to” someone, but “for” someone”.

Imagine if we genuinely faced all our sales calls with this thought in mind? I know, many say they already do, but do they really? I mean, there has to be a moment where we’re sincerely honest with ourselves. After all this is just a post online, not an actual in person visit. So you don’t have to convince me of your answer, you have to genuinely convince you. So if you say you already do, then either, you’re absolutely telling the truth, and your results show it, or you’re lying to yourself. Hopefully, you have great results!

I remember the very first call I went on where I was absolutely going to be very aware of my state of mind while dealing with a client. I had told myself I would do everything in accordance to their best interest, regardless of what the outcome was. Little did I know how much of a test that would turn out to be.

The deal was a very large one, and the client a very stern man. But, a promise to myself is just that. I wasn’t about to break it now. I was even amazed at myself when I realized just how much I was able to help him. More because I was genuinely listening now, and not just listening for the key words to strike a close, or one up the competition based upon a need he mentioned.

I actually felt like I was one of his employees, and was involved in the actual process of helping find the best deal. The stern man become very relaxed, actually quite friendly and he poured out all the details like water. Something I usually had to fight very hard to withdraw from a client. And by the end of that meeting, there were two very distinct things.

One, I had found an amazing faith in selling as a TRUE consultant. And two, in keeping with my own promise, I had to tell that very large client that we were not the right fit for his needs. MAN was that a painful, yet truthful sentence to utter.

Here’s the part where I bet you think I give you the happily ever after version. Right? He comes back to me later and buys. Nope, didn’t happen that way. The true solution, was just that, a true solution.

However, over the next 3 years I ended up receiving 7 other calls from people he knew in other companies. He had told them that I couldn’t be beat for my professional knowledge, and that if they genuinely wanted to know the “right” solution, they would call me first. I ended up keeping 6 of the 7 clients, and sending the other one to the same account I’d sent the original big client.

Then the funniest thing happened! The competitive sales rep, from the larger company, called me and wanted to have lunch. He thanked me for the 2 big deals I sent him, and then told me, that his conscience couldn’t let him handle a few clients he had, because they just weren’t the right fit. And he was impressed with the absolute clarity I had shown in being a genuine consultant.

His main concern was that they were attached to a very large enterprise that he dealt with and had to make darn sure they were handled well. Knowing I had given up clients because I wasn’t the right fit was all he needed for proof they would be taken care of.

He and I went on to exchange about 7 accounts on my side, and around 18 on his. So, do you think it ends there? You’re right, it didn’t. That same type of character ended up landing me about 35 to 40 agents in respectable fields closely related to me, or directly related to me, where we properly exchanged clients as were suited to our strengths. One of the many reasons I left an industry where the average sales person sold 6 to 8 units, and I was averaging 25 to 30.

Many will say, yeah, that may work in your industry, but not ours. For the record, I have sold in about 12 industries, and 14 different states. From very large cities like: Denver, Atlanta, Kansas City, and Washington DC to small rural areas like Anniston, AL, Rapid City South Dakota and Emporia, KS. And I’m here to tell you, that it does work. it just takes you trying it.

What do you have to lose? Just one account. Start today, and I promise you, that one account, will show you a new path which can take you to far more places than you could ever imagine.

Why Does Every Sales Training/Coaching/Guide Start With This…….

Stubborn Subconscious MindRecently I’ve been swallowing up knowledge like a black-hole with a “Milky Way” sweet-tooth. In my travels(studies) I’ve noted there is a common theme at the beginning of any piece of informative training discussions or guides. It usually starts with a subtle value statement offering achieved rise in production/results, if you do this “ONE” simple thing first…….

Before I give the theme, which most probably already know, I’d like you to ask yourself something. When I receive positive feedback/suggestions, or enter a sales training class, am I genuinely open to receive valuable knowledge? Or, do I have this moat with bridge and trolls underneath it? And the orator must give the magic code before I let him pass!

Why is this such a common denominator across all elements of “self-help”? It’s quite simple actually. There’s a war going on! Not between our existing ideas and the ideology of new strategy; but deep within us. It’s our “subconscious minds” which has a stabilizer that absolutely hates change.

Imagine it’s a temperature gauge (thermostat) on a heater/AC and its set at 73 degrees. A window is opened, the temperature drops, and “click” on comes the heater. It goes above 73 and “click” on comes the AC. And once it returns to 73 degrees, it shuts off again. Our subconscious minds treat delivery of change to our physical and mental self, in this way. These “changes” need  previous permission to be given or our defensive heater/AC will kick in.

By now, you’ve probably deduced that the common denominator is  permission to give new ideology/strategy. And, you probably have already rejected this ideology, because I “forgot” to ask permission first!  Of course, some are good at selecting “off” on their subconscious mind’s thermostat whenever they’re about to ingest knowledge or some form of feedback……….

So why are the ratios of defensiveness so high? Do you have any? When surveyed, a majority of people claimed they’re not defensive about receiving new strategy or ideology. This can only lead us to ONE conclusion……  Ninety five percent of the books written “must” be for the other 5% of us that have strong willed sub-conscious minds… 😉 (sarcasm included)

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